Welcome to The Green Family Children's Book Series

Author: Antoinetta McKay 

Illustrator: Jenny Brewer 

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Book Information

Book #1 Details

     Happy Birthday, Tulip & Violet, will introduce readers to The Green Family. Tulip and Violet are twin girls born on Earth Day (April 22nd). In the book, they are preparing to turn 3 years old. They have an older brother Emmitt, who is 5 years old. Daddy and Mommy Green love to spend time with their three children and enjoy teaching them about how to take care of the Earth.

     Readers will jump into the life of The Green Family as they prepare for the twins birthday. Experience a day in the life from sunrise to sunset. Of course, the family practices green habits such as turning off the water while brushing their teeth and recycling; valuable lessons the book will help you teach/reinforce. Get ready to journey along with the family as they complete an Earth Day project. 


Why write a children's book?

     The author, Antoinetta McKay, has always loved reading books with compelling characters. One of her favorite activities as a child was going to the library and checking out the maximum amount of books. She wrote her first novel at 10 years old and has finally decided to self-publish.

     One of the reasons she is excited to share the story with the World is because it features characters she can relate to. While teaching preschool for four years, Antoinetta did not come across many books that depicted an African American family. Antoinetta is excited to be a part of the solution by providing more diverse literature for children. 


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